Crystal chess set
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  790.00 US$ 

Quadrant crystal chess set
The hand cut rectangular full-lead crystals make this a very unique set. The combination of matt and shiny surfaces makes marvelous visual effects.
Designed by: Eva Sasinkova, Jan Starka.
Delivery time: up to 4 weeks
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Size:  King - 4,5cm (1.8")

Volume:  Board - 23,5x23,5cm (9.3"x9.3")



  999.00 US$ 

Strass chess set (Swarovski)
This set is produced from the high quality Swarovski components in the style of the Swarovski chess set.
Packing:Satin layed felted wooden gift box.
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Size:  King - 6,7cm (2.6")

Volume:  Board - 34x34cm (13.4x13.4")