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Executive style chess sets"

Executive style chess sets

These chess sets are made of glass bodies with silver or gold coated tops. The chessboard is also made of glass with the fields consisting of clear and etched surfaces. The complete set is packed in a luxurious case layed with satin.   Executive_style_chess_sets

Glass chess sets"

Glass chess sets

These sets are completely hand made which gives them a special character. Due to the nature of work every figure is slightly different and every set is unique.   Glass_chess_sets

Pewter chess sets"

Pewter chess sets

This section complements the wide selection of glass and combined sets with whole-metal figures with various surface coatings.   Pewter_chess_sets

Crystal chess set"

Crystal chess set

Similarly to the executive style sets the figures are made from high quality strass crystal. The parts are glued together and, in total, the sets form an exquisite picture of light and reflection.   Crystal_chess_set

Porcelain chess sets"

Porcelain chess sets

These sets are made from porcelain, which gives them a completely different look that all the other sets. Perfect craftsmanship and detailed hand painting makes true collectors pieces.   Porcelain_chess_sets