Refraction chess set

The beauty of crystal glass comes to life with this fully hand-crafted set, designed by Eva Starková,
produced in limited quantity of 10 sets.

Thanks to its clarity, quadratic shape and board of black glass, the chess game will lighten up every space.

The figures are differentiated by deep hand carved cuts, made by master cutter Jiří Neužil, that are either matt or manually polished
to make a clear distinction between the two sides. Look through the game pieces and you will be astonished by the extraordinary view
when the designs on the oposing sides blend together.

Every King has a large crown on his wise head, followed with a strict collar and a long cloak.

Dimensions: 12×4cm (4.7"×1.6")

His Lady wears a gentle crown and a marvelous robe spreading
all the way down.

Dimensions: 12×4cm (4.7"×1.6")

The Bishop is always wearing
his mitre.

Dimensions: 9,4×4cm (3.7"×1.6")

The Knight lifts his sword to protect his master
Dimensions: 9,4×4cm (3.7"×1.6")

The Rook acts as a tall tower
to protect everyone
against the enemy.

Dimensions: 9,4×4cm (3.7"×1.6")

The Pawn
Dimensions: 5,4×4cm (2.1"×1.6")